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Building the perfect extension for your home – Teignmouth Builders

There are a number of great benefits that can be derived from adding an extension to your existing home. For one, it can be a cost-effective way of modernising and creating more space for your home. You can forget about the hassle and expenses of trying to sell your home and finding a new one and instead focus on crafting your home into your dream design. If you’re clever in the execution of your extension, it can also add value to your home when it comes time to sell. However, it’s important to realise that there are also a number of challenges involved in the process. It’s a good idea to have a clear understanding of how to create the best results for your extension, prior to starting. That’s why our Teignmouth builders have compiled a handy guide for you on how to create the perfect home extension.

What to consider before building an extension

Before beginning your plans for an extension, it’s important to think through your reasons for wanting an extension. Maybe you’re needing an extra study or bedroom for the kids, or you might just be looking to add value to your home for resale. Whatever your motive, taking the time to think about what you want to achieve prior to drafting up your design, will help you to create a comprehensive end result. This stage is also a good time to think through the logistics of an extension and any disruptions this may have on your day-to-day life. For instance, what sort of budget you have for the project, as well as whether you will need to make alternative living arrangements whilst the extensions are being built.

Designing your extension

This is both one of the trickiest and most exciting phases of your extension process. When designing your home renovation, a great place to start is considering your existing house design and layout. Generally, you want the extension to feel as though it’s a natural part of the original design. This doesn’t mean you have to keep all the old features of the house, but rather use similar or complementary materials that will ultimately help create continuity between the old and the new. Consulting our Teignmouth builders at Garrett Building & Maintenance can also provide a hassle-free way of designing a functional and effective extension.   

Finding the right builder

Once you’ve completed the hard task of designing your home extension, it’s time to put your plan into action. Extending your home is a major project, and as such, you want to ensure that the best results are achieved. Hiring a trusted professional who understands your mission and produces results is key. Our Teignmouth builders have a proven record of providing exceptional results to our clients in effective timeframes, they recognise the importance of your home and the money and time invested into the project. We can help you along each step of the way to make it a stress-free, and rewarding experience- get in touch!