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Want to add value to your home?

Whether you’re thinking about selling your house or just looking to spruce it up for your own personal enjoyment, there are a few effective ways you can add value to your home. Having been in the renovation industry for quite some time, our team know just the right tips and tricks to help turn a profit on your home. You might even think of us as your one-stop Devon home building company! So read on to find out our best solutions for adding value to your home.

1. Extend A bigger abode is always a desirable commodity on the housing market. Whether you simply add an extra room or an entire level, an extension can be well worth the upfront expense in the long run. Generally speaking, a larger house will be worth more on the market, and tends to attract purchasers who are willing to spend more for space.

2. Refurbish Refurbishments are becoming an increasingly popular home renovation method. We often encounter clients who are eager to create an open plan living space. Knocking down a wall can help to do this and, in turn, dramatically modernise the whole feel of the house. Commonly, older English homes will feature lots of corridors and doorways separating rooms. This can create a very claustrophobic feel. Choosing to refurbish a housing layout to provide a more free-flowing design can instantly change the house.

3. New Kitchen Although adding in a new kitchen may feel like an expensive renovation, it can add a lot of value to your home. Kitchens are an area of the home that can really persuade purchasers. As kitchens are often a central part of the home, a tired and outdated kitchen can make the rest of the house feel rundown too. If you aren’t looking to sell right away, this is certainly a home improvement area that you will greatly appreciate.

4. Additional bathroom Almost every household could benefit from an extra bathroom. Whether it’s an ensuite or a general-use bathroom, this addition could see the value of your home dramatically increase.

5. Add a lick of paint If you’re looking to sell your property in Devon, home building companies don’t have to carry out a huge job to make a difference to your sale. One quick and easy remedy for your house is a fresh coat of paint. Neutral colours like whites, creams and fauns will help to modernise your home and revitalise the space. This will prove a very cost-effective way to add a little value to your home. If you’re in need of an affordable Devon home building company to help your property reach its full potential, look no further than our team.