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Historic buildings in Devon you need to visit

Devon is certainly shrouded in incredible history. Each town holds a unique past that can still be discovered today, through the incredible architecture and buildings that remain standing. As builders in Devon, it has always been an interest of ours to continually learn and explore the magnificent culture and history in the surrounding areas. Today, we share with you some of our favourite historical buildings.

Totnes Castle

Take your first steps down historic lane by visiting Totnes. This small, picturesque town, has retained many of its medieval structures – from town walls, to castles and house plots, it has it all. The earliest record of the town dates back to the reign of King Edgar in 959-975 AD. One of the first sites that will catch your eye as you enter the town is the classic Norman Motte-and-bailey castle, known as Totnes Castle. As builders in Devon, we have to admire the incredible structural integrity of this castle, which is perched up high to give sweeping views across the town rooftops to the River Dart.

Berry Pomeroy Castle

While you’re in the neighbourhood of Totnes, why not take a short drive to see the magnificent ruins of Berry Pomeroy Castle – but beware, this beautiful castle has a sinister past. Tucked away in dramatic natural scenery, this great Elizabethan mansion was intended to become the most spectacular house in Devon but it was never completed. As you walk through the ruins of this hauntingly beautiful castle, listen out for the chilling ghost stories that are said to make this castle one of the most haunted in England. As builders in Devon, we’re captivated by this glorious masterpiece but we prefer our buildings to be ghost-free!

Exeter Cathedral

As the capital of Devon, Exeter certainly holds a lot of historical gems itself. Strolling through the main shopping strips of high street and Queen Street, you’ll find many a charming and historical buildings (and some crooked ones too). However, one site you must see is the Exeter cathedral. With its grand façade and large scale, this is one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture anywhere. As builders in Devon, we’re continually impressed by this historical site that still today remains in use.

Powderham Castle

Yet another castle you must see in order to experience the most of Devon’s rich historic culture. This beautiful castle was built in the 14th Century and although it may not be as old as many of the other historic sites in Devon, it is certainly worth a visit. It is still a functioning home, which has helped it to remain in pristine condition over the years. Surrounded by picturesque gardens and scenery, Powderham Castle also received significant attention this year after hosting BBC 1’s Big Weekend. As builders in Devon, it gives us great pride to be surrounded by all these incredible historical sites, from which we often drive inspiration. Contact us today to learn more about our services.