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Historical attractions near Teignmouth, Devon

In the surrounding areas of Teignmouth, Devon, there are a great number of historical attractions to be found. From Museums to Castles and Abbeys, there truly isn’t a shortage of history around here! Just a short drive or train ride from Teignmouth, Devon offers several historical attractions that are well worth a visit whether you’re a visitor or a local! As Teignmouth locals, we’re particularly proud to get to share these incredible historic sites on offer.

Victorian Museum

The Victorian era was undoubtedly a remarkable period of British history and is well worth learning about. You can experience an all-encompassing visual and stimulating tour of the Victorian era at the Bygones museum in Torquay. It’s a great family outing or perfect for any individual looking to learn a little more about England’s great history.

Torre Abbey

Whilst you’re visiting Bygones in Torquay, you’ll also want to drop into Torre Abbey. With its rich history and culture, Torre Abbey is an essential historical visit. The Abbey was founded in 1196 and has witnessed (and survived) some pretty incredible moments in history.

Powderham Castle

Not far from Teignmouth, Devon is also home to the magnificent Powderham Castle, a true historic gem. The castle has been maintained in tip-top condition, still being run and lived in by the Courtenay family. You can walk through the superb grounds and castle, and get a true feel for its history – some of which is still being made today. It recently hosted BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend!

Berry Pomeroy Castle

Whilst you’re on the Castle trail, you’ll definitely want to stop by Totnes’ renowned Berry Pomeroy Castle. Unlike Powderham Castle, Berry Pomeroy Castle hasn’t been in operation for years, or even centuries! Abandoned in 1700, never completed, the Castle remains a shell of what greatness could have lived. However, its deep, dark and distorted past may leave you a little shellshocked yourself. Enter the castle and learn why it’s said to be the most haunted castle in England. If you’re looking to get started on making your own history here in Teignmouth, Devon, give us a call today to start creating your dream home.

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