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Protecting your property from British Winters

With autumn now in full swing, it’s time to ensure that your property is ready to brace the colder months. As your property is continually exposed to a variety of climates and weather conditions throughout the year, it’s important to regularly check for any signs of damage. Your roof and walls are two key areas to prioritise, as they often endure some of the toughest impacts of the different climates. To prevent any minor roofing or wall damage becoming a major problem, it’s a good idea to have these areas checked on a semi-regular basis by a professional. To help you get your property in tip-top condition for the winter months, our Teignmouth roofers have compiled an easy guide on how to approach your preparations.


When it comes to your property, you want to ensure that it gets the right treatment to prolong its lifespan and save you money. While you may be able to spot the obvious issues with your roof, it often takes a trained eye to spot those not-so-obvious but equally important faults. Hiring a professional, like our Teignmouth roofers at Garrett Building & Maintenance, ensures a comprehensive check on your roof, giving you the peace of mind that any necessary repairs are identified.

Given England’s wet and cold weather climate, a common fault arising in households can be clogged water gutters and drainpipes. If your house isn’t receiving proper drainage on your roof, there can be serious consequences for your home’s structure. To avoid any dramatic damage occurring, get a professional out to clean and look over your gutters. As gutters can also show signs of wear and tear on other parts of the house, having a professional take a look will help to effectively identify any potential problems.

Other common issues to look out for in roofing are unsecured tiles and sagging roofs. Checking your roof and walls from the inside of the house is a good idea, to ensure all areas are structurally sound. Look out for sagging areas, water damage, leaks and rot. If you find drips or dark spots on your ceiling, these can often be signs of a roof leak. The sooner these issues are identified, the better.


Now is the perfect time to make any repairs to your property, while the weather is mild. If you’ve noticed any leaks coming from your roof, or any cracks or signs of ageing in your walls, it’s important to have these issues looked at immediately. There is nothing worse than a cold, damp house in the middle of winter! Our Teignmouth roofers at Garrett Building & Maintenance are experts in the business and can help you through every step of the way. At this time of year, it is both the perfect climate and period to get any repairs done. Not only is the weather more suitable for repairs and maintenance to be carried out, but there’s also a lower demand for repairers during this period meaning you can have your problem fixed even quicker!

Contact our Teignmouth roofers team today to ensure your property is ready to face winter.