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3 Ways Teignmouth Homeowners can completely transform their home exteriors

You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to tired and rundown home exteriors, it’s easy to assume the interiors match! Whether you’re thinking about selling or are planning on staying in your Teignmouth home for years to come, it might be time for a good spruce up of your home exterior. Plastering, painting and other little tricks really make a difference so read on to find out the ways you can completely transform your home on the outside. 

1. Plastering

Brick exteriors can often look old fashioned and run down. If you want to instantly modernise and refresh your home’s outward appearance, our Teignmouth plasterer is here to help smooth things over! We’ve got lots of experiencing helping homeowners completely transform their beloved homes into a fresh new design. You can even customise the look by choosing the type of finish you would like from our Teignmouth plasterer.

2. Painting

There’s nothing worse than a tired exterior paintjob. Unfortunately, in our cold and wet English climate, it doesn’t take much for the paint on houses to turn bad. On average, your home exterior should be repainted every three to seven years. However, it can all depend on the quality of the paint previously applied, the climate and the type of surface. If you’re looking to sell your home in Teignmouth, an easy paint job can be a particularly beneficial update to make and can add value to the property. 

3. New windows and front door

Much like your exterior paint, your windows and doors are exposed to the elements. This can take a toll on their appearance and functionality after a while. If they’re starting to look out-dated or causing you hassle to use, it might be time to update your windows and doors. An inviting, new and colourful front door can make all the difference. It is well worth considering replacing these features with modern and quality fixtures.

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